It was early 2007 when we've decided to start our own fashion company, dedicated to providing women and teenagers with modest and fashionable clothes.

For us, MEKIMI embodies modest fashion. Fashion that offers sophistication and excitement alongside quality, diversity, and a keen eye for detail. It's this unique combination that gives our clients a 3600 solution and that special sense of confidence when they're selecting their clothes.

As a young fashion and lifestyle company, our collections are filled with energy, color, freedom, and joy.

We take immense pride in offering our clients a unique and thrilling experience, in everything pertaining to personal styling and lifestyle.

MEKIMI is one of Israel's leading fashion companies.

We regard this as a commitment of respect and appreciation to our wide clientele.

Today, our studio consists of the finest fashion and graphic designers, all of whom have excelled in their respective design schools, and more importantly, all of whom live and breathe fashion. Relying on productive dialogues with our customers, we create collections designed to perfectly fit your everyday life's needs, activities and personal experiences – whether it's at home or at school, for your career, happy occasions, hanging out with friends, and basically, for every other situation.

A few words about our collections…

Women's collection:

MEKIMI SPECIAL: an elegant and sophisticated collection which provides perfect solutions for special occasions and holidays. The pieces featured in this collection, which include fresh and young evening wear and clothes for Saturdays and holidays, are of great diversity and are designed according to the latest fashion trends.

MEKIMI BASIC: this collection predominantly focuses on a very wide selection of day to day basic pieces, each and every one of us needs in her wardrobe. These are the clothes we use on a daily basis. The pieces in this collection are of very high quality and offer an exciting and uncompromising combination of fashion and style, highlighting the urban look, and sometimes even a formal look for career women or for those special leisure hours of the day. A special emphasis is put on offering diverse, comfortable cuts so everyone can find her perfect match.

Teen collection:

MEKIMI TEEN: MEKIMI's teen collection was devised to provide young girls with the perfect fashion solution. This collection was written in the language of fashion and with MEKIMI's signature handwriting and mainly includes festive wear for occasions, celebrations, and holidays.

Anytime, anyplace – MEKIMI.SHOP

MEKIMI's digital store offers a fun, secure, and convenient fashion shopping experience, at the time and place of our clients' preference and convenience. Relying on advanced technology, MEKIMI brings forth a new and up to date fashion experience, which allows customers to see exactly what's going on and what the latest trends are at any given time, and to have a look at the latest collections that arrive at MEKIMI's stores on a daily basis. Customers can also view specific pieces in great detail and purchase them, whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.